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Single Gas Detector Gas Lux SG - CO

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22 / 10 / 2022
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Detail Single Gas Detector Gas Lux SG - CO

Gaslux SG adalah Single Gas Detector Portable yang hanya mendeteksi 1 jenis gas saja.
Memiliki ukuran yang kecil, ringan, mudah di bawah dan dapat di pasang di Mantel kerja.
Dapat mendeteksi gas beracun yang berbahaya sperti:
Karbon monoksida, Hidrogen Sulfida, Oksigen, Sulfur Dioksida, dan Gas beracun lainnya.
Pilihan jenis gas nya adalah H2S, CO, O2.

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Product Advantage:
- Low power consumption and long standby time, the standby time is up to 2 years, no need to replace the battery
- UltraGhigh buzzer alarm sound, 2 highGbright red LED up and down alarm, sound, light and vibration triple alarm to remind workers
- Automatic logging 10 sets of recent alarm events for easy and accurate record keeping
- Protection class IP68
- Compact and lightweight design with twoGbutton operation without extensive training

Description :
- Gas Type : SO2/O2/CO/H2S
- Detection range : SO2: 0-100ppm, O2: 0-30%VOL, CO: 0-1000ppm, H2S: 0-100ppm
- Resolution : 0.1ppm
- Accuracy : ≤±3%FS or ±10% (depending on the specific sensor)
- Response time : ≤30s(T90)
- Principle : Electrochemical principle
- Unit : PPM, mg/m3, %VOL, μmol/mol
- Display : Gas name, concentration unit, measured value, electricity
- Power supply mode: 3.6V dry battery (non-removable and rechargeable)
- Explosion-proof grade : ExiaIICT4Ga
- Working temperature : -20℃~55℃
- Working humidity : 0-95%RH (non-condensing)
- Working air pressure : 86~106kpa
- Dimensions : 90*60*33mm (length*width*thickness)
- Weight : 125g

Sensor Specifications :
Sulphur dioxide(SO2):Measure range 0-100ppm
Oxygen(O2) : 0-30%VOL
Carbon monoxide(CO): 0-1000ppm
Hydrogen sulfide(H2S) : 0-100ppm
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