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SY-288 Autopilot System

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26 / 09 / 2022
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Detail SY-288 Autopilot System

Peralatan Elektronik Kapal SY-288 Autopilot System

- Working principle: The autopilot is a device that can automatically control the steering gear to keep the ship sailing according to the set course. It controls the steering gear to generate a proper angle which can keep the ship running in the set course.

- It is composed of host SY-288, rudder angle transmitter FB-45, 2-axis digital sensor SY-11W/3- axis digital compass sensor DCM-1, remote controller RSC-1 and standard accessories.

- 4 modes: 1. Manual mode 2. Follow-up mode 3. Automatic mode 4. GPS mode

- Advantages: Convenient to control the ship and save human resources
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